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Moss, Algae & Lichen Removal
“Spotless roof cleaning in Aberdeen”…… offering a safe, effective, long-term solution to roof moss, algae and lichen accumulations without the need for aggressive pressure cleaning.

Why roofs should be cleaned and moss removed

Roof moss is a menace, it is unsightly, it can cause leaks where it grows under tiles, surface damage during freeze/thaw cycles, structure damage due to the incredible amount of water it holds, it is home to insects which attracts birds, it clogs gutters and down pipes leading to other problems, and makes a mess of the ground around your home. So we’ve established that it’s not good, so what is the best method for roof cleaning and roof moss removal in Aberdeen?

Roof cleaning & moss removal in Aberdeen

With Spotless roof cleaning in Aberdeen and throughout Aberdeenshire we scrape all moss by hand, sweep the roof with a stiff brush, empty all guttering then spray the roof with a biocide wash that will inhibit growth for at least 2 years.

Roof Cleaners Aberdeen

Roof Cleaners Aberdeen

This treatment may be applied as a stand alone service if algae and lichens are the main problem rather than large accumulations of moss.

An application of a Biocide wash is recommended following roof moss removal. This government approved biocide is an environmentally friendly biocide treatment designed to remove residual growth by killing algae, lichen and moss spores and will continue to cleanse the roof for the following months and even years. Natural weathering assists in the process.

About the Biocide

  • Biodegradable and ph neutral, it breaks down rapidly and does not “bio-accumulate”.
  • It controls biological growths that cause the “dirty” appearance of red, green, and black staining – so surfaces stay cleaner, for longer.
  • It is not affected by hard or mineralised water.
  • Soft washing using the Biocidal Wash is safe, kind to surfaces, and more cost-effective than power washing alone.

Biocidal Wash is fully approved by both the Irish Pesticides Registration & Control Service and UK Health & Safety Executive for use in Ireland and the UK.

It conforms to the Global Harmonised System (GHS) for product labelling. And is fully compliant with the EU “REACH” (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation & restriction of Chemicals) regulations for cleaning exterior hard surfaces.

UK Health & Safety Executive (HSE) approval certificate number: 9936 Irish Pesticide Control Service (PCS) number: 98070

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*Cleaning the roof requires roof ladders and safety harnesses for access to the surface. In all cases I will carry out a site safety inspection before commencement of work, thus providing peace of mind that I will work in a way that is safe for me, my customers, and members of the public.

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